The device

The device V.

Surovicheva Equipment.

The device consists of the screen, a set of keys, toggleswitches of switching of speeds and the direction of the movement of incentives, and also the electronic board fixing quantity of the right answers.

Experiment procedure.

On the device screen by means of a line of lightemitting diodes light incentives in the form of Morse alphabet signs a point and a dash in the horizontal direction from left to right or from right to left moved at the choice of the experimenter.

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And timid

And timid And timid doubts at once will start tormenting: it seems to me a burden only because I hesitate to leave before audience; I do not know, whether I will be able to give pleasure the conversation to the stranger except an ego, I not so look I go, I speak, etc.

and, therefore, at once I will start stammering to redden, turn pale, say, if I make it, will only be worse also to me and all rest.

The template limits external and extols the internal reasons which define an assessment by the person of the reaction to feeling of discomfort as normal.

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Be not afraid

Be not afraid Never speak badly about yourself, especially be careful of such categorical estimates, a hook the numskull, the freak, the cretin, the loser, the incorrigible person.

Do not allow another to criticize your personal qualities.

Only your actions can become a subject of discussion.

Be not afraid of feedback it can be very constructive.

Remember that sometimes failures and disappointments the benefit.

In certain cases incredible efforts are spent for incorrectly chosen purposes, and then, in time having taught us a vital lesson, failures allow to avoid, where big disappointments.

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Chickens Difficultly for a cat with a dog neighbors to be!

The combination of the HARDWARE is said as C.

DUCKLINGS AND CHICKENS The duck of the ducklings on the lake moved to bathe.

There are ducklings, are proud of themselves: Here what we are good fellows!

We are not afraid of Voditsa!

At water chicken walks with chickens.

Chickens run on the coast, worry.

Napitsyato they can, and are not able to bathe!

The duck told the neigbour chicken: If your children are not afraid, let sit down on my babies yes on the lake will drive!

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I that day was in a compensatory

I that day was in a compensatory I very well remember how the president told that will ask the government not to forget and those who, without hoping for support of the state, this feat already made gave birth to the second kid.

Mans look.

I that day was in a compensatory holiday Irinka was engaged in the health and went on doctors.

And there are I, nurse Grishka, and the president speaks about the main thing about children!

Bonuses for families in which the second child will be born appear.

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